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Kung Fu San Soo for Health and Self Defense

Sifu Reeder and his students are dedicated to preserving and sharing Kung Fu San Soo. Being in East Texas, or as Master Ted called it, "a deserted island" referring to the lack of other outside influence, Sifu Reeder's San Soo is un-influenced by other great Masters in our art.

This is the Kung Fu San Soo of Master Ted Sias, one of Jimmy H. Woo's thirteen Masters to receive a Commemorative Master's Degree who taught for over fifty years in Huntington Beach, CA. He accepted Sifu Reeder as a student in 2009 and worked closely with him until his passing on March 27, 2022.

Buy "Sifu Reeder's Big Book of San Soo Stuff" and join one of our programs to help preserve this ancient combat martial art...and to learn it for yourself!

More on Kung Fu San Soo

Sifu Marty Reeder is a twenty year practitioner, student, teacher, author and videographer of Kung Fu San Soo. He has been teaching professionally at his school and holding seminars since 2010.  Kung Fu San Soo is the ultimate self defense art. It has never been adapted for sport and has been passed down from Master to student in its pure form. San Soo involves the study of striking, leverages and throws, human anatomy, the building of mental fortitude and exercises for health, flexibility and strength. It really is an all around great martial art!

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