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The Full Story

Who We Are

We are a group of working professionals, artists, Sam Houston University Honors College students, High School National Honor Society and FFA Members. Our kid's class is limited to six students with good behavior and good grades. We work in unison to preserve the history of our art preparing for a fight we hope to never have while staying fit and healthy. Prepare yourself!

Exercise and Self Defense at the same time!

Who We Are Not

We do not do tournaments, yell or roll around on the ground. If you want tournament training we have friends in town (Karate, Boxing, Ju Jitsu) that we will be happy to get you in contact with. We are also not geared to large kids classes. We begin accepting students to general Kung Fu class at the age of twelve. Most of us are middle aged adults. 


With the passing of Master Ted, I am now the documentarian of all his books, manuals and videos. This is a collection of over fifty years of teaching and studying in Huntington Beach, CA. It is my vision to preserve, catalog and share this information while also keeping up with my own training and teaching. 

What I have now is my book and online courses. This was the vision Master Ted and I were working on, literally up to the day he passed. So, I will carry on...please support my efforts by buying the book and enrolling in one of our online courses.  More to come...

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Long ago I pledged this to my friend/mentor/teacher, Master Ted Sias 1st Generation Commemorative Master under Jimmy H. Woo:

I pledge that Kung Fu San Soo, as taught to Master Ted Sias by Lo Sifu, Jimmy H. Woo, will live on and spread to as many as will learn from me, for as long as there is warm blood in my veins. It is a mission I will full fill in the purest form of our great art, Kung Fu San Soo.

------Sifu Marty Reeder

Kung Fu San Soo Master 

Member of the Ted Sias and Jimmy H. Woo Kung Fu San Soo Associations

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