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Welcom to Reeder's Kung Fu School Events Page. Check back often for our latest public events. 

Kung Fu Master, Author and 

Head Instructor at Reeder's Kung Fu School,

Sifu Marty Reeder

 is coming to Huntington Beach, California!


February 1, 2024 (Thursday)  6-9pm.

February 3, 2024 (Saturday)  9 -11am. 

Private session slots available


Kung Fu San Soo

with Sifu Marty Reeder

15102 Bolsa Chica, Ave. Huntington Beach, CA

2021 Womens Self Defense.jpg

Women's Self Defense Seminar

Exercise, Health, Mental Clarity and Immunity to Dirt Bags!

Group, Corporate or Private Events Available. 

February 17, 2024 10:30am (Private Group)

March 9, 2024 10:30am (Open to Public)

Learn self defense Philosophy

Five Weak Points in Human Anatomy

How to use your Body as a Weapon

Escapes from common Holds and Grabs

Escapes from the ground.

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